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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minion Ar?

Minion Ar is an Augmented Reality App designed for our clients to quickly and efficiently enjoy the great content we have created for them.

Who can use Minion Ar?

Anyone can use Minion Ar! It’s as simple as that!

Download the App in the Apple App Store or Amazon App Store. Allow the App to use your camera, point the camera at the image, and watch the image come to life!

Where can I find Images that come to life with Minion Ar?

Visit the Home Page and click on Minion Images or click on the link below http://www.minionar.com/ar-trackable.php. Minion Ar will send out Push Notifications to notify you of new images.

What if my image does not come to life?

Make sure you hold the camera close and steady over the image; check MinionAr.com to make sure the image is active; make sure you are connected to a wifi or cellular network.

How Do I Get My Own AR APP?

Contact us at info@minionmediagroup.com

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